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Office and studios
Rottenbiller u. 35., Budapest, H-1077

The Studio’s office and studio complex can be found on the ground floor of 35 Rottenbiller Street, in District VII. of Budapest.

The Studio Office carries out the transaction of affairs, administration and organising for the Association.
The place also operates as an open public space; its periodical collection, slide-archive and the new library on the gallery are always open for Studio members, Hungarian and foreign exhibition organisers and curators who are interested in the current activity of the fellow-artists. We regularly organise lectures accompanied by slide- and video projections, where artists, guest artists and curators participating in foreign scholarships share their experiences.
Since its renovation finished in November 2002, the public space is also a work of art: it is the result of the “Lobby Copy - Office Piece for Budapest” project of the artist duo, Liesbeth Bik and Jos van der Pol.
The three studios can also be found here. For these, the regular members can win the right of use for one year in yearly turns, through competition. (The are informed about this opportunity through circular).
Apart from these, there is a studio for guests, used by foreign artists arriving through the exchange programs, or, in case it is unoccupied, the members can apply for it with a work schedule for one month at most.
In 1998, with the support of the National Cultural Program Fund, we could set up a graphic workshop equipped with renovated machines. The members have at their disposal a litographic printing press, a relief printing press, a copperplate-printing machine and an etching room where they can work with chemical materials. The leader of the workshop is Károly Elekes, please, turn to him for further information.

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