places of art – Christoph Rauch, Attila Menesi

Vernissage: 7th October 2009
Open view till: 9th October 2009

Crafting session: Wednesday 2pm
Party: Friday 7pm

Looking back on the past decade, we find that quite something has changed concerning the places of art. New forms of cultural spaces enter society and push others aside. You see for instance the mushrooming of biennials and other festival-like events through which cities, regions and countries compete with one another on the cultural and touristic map. New foundations and sponsors appear on the scene, establish networks and quickly claim a leading role within the artistic discourse. Whereas traditional institutions struggle with social and economic pressure and sometimes even need to close their doors. New alliances and partnerships establish ties, especially between the private and public sector. The altered modes of curating, communication and cultural management, however, have an effect not only on the presentation of work, but also on the artistic practice itself. This is also true for the Hungarian art scene, which is undergoing a permanent transformation since the turn of the century.

Several of our art projects shed some light on this situation and critically reflect on its characteristics. A selection of these works is on show in the exhibition “places of art”. It will open on October 7 with a crafting session for commonly giving the DVD “boxed” its finishing touches, as part of one of our latest projects. On Friday, October 9, we close the show with a party to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the index.