Familiar things

2nd-17th February. 2017.

Opening: 6pm. Thursday, 2nd February 2017.

This exhibition is a collaboration between the students of the Budapest Metropolitan University and the researchers of the Museum of Ethnography and is based on participatory museum praxis. During the semester class-room work examined the following questions: How do we use our everyday objects? How do we select the ones which are important for us? Can we characterise ourselves with objects? The exhibition is an experiment to link display and privacy.


The creative process was driven by open-mindedness and dialogue while the exhibition attempts to dissolve the antagonism between professionals and non-professionals in a museum context. There are objects, photos, stories and fictious compositions linked together in the space of the exhibition and the participants reflect on what it means for them to make their own everyday lives visible.

Project leader: Zsófia FRAZON

Concept: Petra FEJES, Júlia HERMANN,  Evelin HORNYÁK, Krisztina Noémi KISS, Zétény VÖRÖS

Researchers: Hannah FOSTER, Zsófia FRAZON, Flóra GADÓ, Gábor WILHELM

Graphic design: Krisztina Noémi  KISS ©luofie tipo

Object photos and video: Zétény VÖRÖS

Texts, installation: Petra FEJES, Júlia HERMANN,  Evelin HORNYÁK, Krisztina Noémi KISS, Zétény VÖRÖS

Editor: Katalin SEBES

Exhibition’s graphic design: Árpád NAGY muzeumdekoracio.hu

Printing: Reactor

The exhibition is a cooperation of the Metropolitan University Budapest (integrated art program) and the Museum of Etnography (MaDok-program, OTKA 112185).

Special thanks: Bea ISTVÁNKÓ (FKSE), Szilvia SERES (Metropolitan University)


Photo: BÉRES Márton/METU