Connections – exhibition of the new members of the Studio of Young Artists’ Association


02. 03-06. 2016

Opening: 02. 02. 2016. 7 pm

Opening speech by Zsolt Keserue, artist, former president of SYAA

Artists: Dia Bögi / Csilla Nagy, Anna Németh/ Barbara Ipsics, Márton Závorszky-Simon / Ágnes Básthy, Dia Zékány / Borbála Blahó

Curator : Tamás Don, András Heszky

02. 10-12. 2016. 

Opening: 02. 09. 2016.  7 pm

Opening speech: Eszter Kozma, president of SYAA

Artists: Andrea Bényi and  János Dániel Fodor / Klára Petra Szabó and Tamás Szvet, Máté Dobokay / Gábor Kristóf,  Loránd Szécsényi-Nagy / Ottó Szabó, Boglárka Zellei / János Borsos

Curator: Tamás Don, András Heszky

The exhibition of the new members traditionally serves as a presentation of the works of the  -to some extent – unknown artists, but it also marks the event of their “ritual” entry to a community. Our aim is therefore doubled, since the Labor Galéria should be a place for the individual emergence but for the communal situation as well. Meanwhile, the curators usually try to organise the heterogenous works in terms of coherence. And though the annual exhibition for the new members is already a tradition, they seem to be struggling with the paradoxes mentioned above. As the preparation for this exhibition, we, as new members had several meetings and gatherings in order to get to know each other and have a deeper understanding of each other’s work.

After intensive brainstormings and concepts that ironically wanted to reflect on the anomalies, we finally came to a conclusion that by reacting to this tradition of the Association and the consequences of previous exhibitions of this kind, we will present the new members together with ‘old’ ones. By showing the artists in pairs, we refer to the communal context of this entry, to the continuity of the membership and also, the problem of the heterogeneity of the artists could tackled by not putting emphasis on the similarities or connections but to give a new dimension of the whole problem without any constraints of media or forced subject. In the matching, the choice of the new artists is also reflected and played a part, so apart from the actual works, other artistic bonds and decisions can be encountered.

Tamás Don, András Heszky

Connections 1.

Connections 2.

Photo: Andrea Bényi, Boglárka Zellei