Cheerful – solo exhibition of Anikó Loránt

Opening: 5th June 2010, at 7pm
On view till: 10th July 2010

Drawings and smaller objects can be seen at Anikó Loránt’s solo exhibition in the Studio Gallery. The works are related by the formal unity of home altars. The previous installation method of the found objects in the Iasi Biennial 2008, is now shown in a more clear-out, but not sterile form. The home altar has a devotional meaning, which necessitate a deeper reception from the beholder. The form of installation and the small tinkered objects have inspired to bridge the cleft between the beholder and the artwork, therefore the exhibition initiates conversations, and generates real connections.
The imitation of the profane scene of the spiritual practice makes an ideal agent for Anikó Loránt’s naive and tinkered artworks, which are able to break through the borders of the art world as well. Among the objects, with their typical iconography, there are paintings and drawings which use the technique of re-copying.

“I use various kind of methods simultaneously, which can be seen as a meditation or yoga technique. One of my important methods is for example the copying or repeating, I copy again some of my earlier paintings. These copies aren’t arbitrary, rather systematizations by different aspects. During the procedure of copying the artwork change visually, and sometimes in it’s sense.
I am not only interested in copying my own drawings, but also pictures from earlier ages. This is one of the most effective way of cognition and observation. On the other hand, I think it’s not a problem when good things are repeated, or circulating in different variants, and therefore they step out from the sphere of the overrated novelty and originality.
I search the ways of expressing complex things in a naive, simple way. I am interested in the border between naive and high art. One of the most important elements of my pictures is the Mistake, the accentuation or hiding of the mistake, and mutations generated form the interaction of copying and mistakes. The organic and structured system of Nature seems disorganized and tangled for the human mind. For example, I build genteel drawings into rough environments. If something was born once, it will constantly reborn, change and transform into something new. Because of this, I am not ashamed of exhibiting my old works again and again.
Let them be cheerful! This drives further.”

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