Typesetting – Gallery by Night 2013

14-18 October, 2013, five openings every night at 8 PM

The theme: the letter, the written word. Five days, five concepts, 20 artists, a museum, an archive and an art organization. And one exhibition, written as a text day by day. Finding. Scrabble. Identity. Archive. The last one. The exhibition, as a complex work, can be read in its entirety by the fifth day. It mixes a variety of tropes: everyday artifacts, documents and artworks are placed next to each other, in the form of objects, images, or even sounds.

Exhibiting artists:
Baglyas Erika
Eperjesi Ágnes
Flohr Zsuzsi
gruppo tökmag
Horváth Tibor
Karas David
Király András
Koralevics Rita
Molnár Judit Lilla
Pálinkás Bence György
Pap Ramóna
Johan Sandas
Robbin Ami Silverberg
Szabó Péter
Tranker Kata
Vályi Péter
Vécsei Júlia
Vinkler Zsuzsi – Berényi Marianna

Museum of Ethnography
Hungarian Jewish Archives
Free Artists

Curated by
Zsófia Frazon

*On 17 October, the sound performance of Finnish artist Johan Sandas can be seen/heard in the framework of Café Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival.

Supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary