Social – exhibition of Csaba Uglár

Opening: 18 December 2008

On view till: 24  January 2009

The conception and the main idea of Csaba Uglár’s Solo exhibition displayed in the Studio Gallery focuses on the relation between money and value – how can be value articulated and changed to money in the sector of the contemporary art-scene? This process is realised on a daily regular basis at the art market – we give financial attributes to the ideas what are rather positioned in our visual culture, and not in our industrial production.

Csaba Uglár transformes the gallery space into a lobby of a bank. Pieces of art – money notes which were designed by the artist and produced in a printing-press factory – appear in the space which has a brand new context and character. The central panel of the exhibition is the enormous pile (430.000 pieces) of the money designed by the artist packed in foil and shown on a pallett in the space. The red carpet, the labyrinth constructed by the cordons, the contract and the screening of current rates on a plasma tv are all installed in order to create a theatrical scenery around the money, but they all have their own function, they are not only props.

The exhibition is a kind of answer to the doctrines and dictatorship of money in the context of the contemporary art-scene, in a situation where there is less and less money spent on visual culture. In the very current economical global crisis the exhibition offers fresh, utopical and fictive alternative answers to chalenge which is facing the local and the global art-world as well. The narrative of creating a value which can be precisely measurable in money appears in the space of the exhibition. Visitors/Collectors could buy from the money what was exhibited, and by this they signed a contract with the artist, who is changing the money they bought to pieces of his art in the next five years. With this construction he forces people to invest in his own artistic future.