Art Under a Dangerous Star: The Responsibility of Art

An exhibition + a series of events organized by

Part of the exhibition was installed at the Studio Gallery.



Time: May 9–May 30, 2014
Venue: Mayakovsky 102, the open office of tranzit. hu, 1068 Budapest, Király utca 102., Writers’ Bookstore, 1061 Budapest Andrássy út 45 (until May 30) and the Studio Gallery of The Studio Young Artists’ Association, 1077 Budapest, Rottenbiller utca 35 (until May 23)


Opening at the Studio Gallery :

Performance by Anca Benera and Arnold Estefán

Time: May 9, 2014, 6 pm


Art Under a Dangerous Star is a three-part event and exhibition series between April and June, 2014, the second part of which is an international group exhibition. The title is a quotation by Hungarian art critic and art historian Ernst Kállai form a short text he wrote in 1942 about how artists reacted during the Second World War to the existential crisis generated by the rise of fascism. More broadly, the project endeavors to investigate the place, tasks, and responsibilities of contemporary art in an era overlapping crises, as well as in the face of the authoritarian state power delimiting self-determined culture and critical thinking.

The attribute “fascist” in Hungary in the recent decades has been a pejorative, yet weightless term. Both the totalitarian leadership during state socialism and the political elite that came to power after the regime change of 1989 declared their value system “antifascist,” even though both kept alive and practiced exclusion in many fields. Recently, this negative attribute has been filled with historical and political content. The political elite of the 1989 regime change did not reflect on the contradictions and divisive potentials of being anti-fascist and supporting neoliberal capitalism. What parallels can be seen between these current threats on democracy and historic fascism? What are possible forms of resistance? Can we find the roots of today’s crises in the ideological unsettlement of the regime change and the alliance of antifascism and capitalism?


Art Under a Dangerous Star is part of the international collaborative project Beginning As Well As We Can (How Do We Talk About Fascism?), with What, How and for Whom / WHW and Alerta – Centre for Monitoring of Right-Wing Extremism and Anti-Democratic Tendencies in Zagreb. The project is a research on the turn towards far right-wing ideologies throughout Europe and contemporary forms and impacts of fascism, as well as possible forms of resistance and interventions to these very tendencies.

The project Beginning As Well As We Can (How Do We Talk About Fascism?) is supported by the European Cultural Foundation.

The project Beginning As Well As We Can (How Do We Talk About Fascism?) is supported by the European Union Culture Programme 2007-2013.

Image: Szabolcs KissPál: Amorous Geography (still), 2012. Courtesy the Artist