The 50th anniversary of the Studio of Young Artists Association

On view: 2nd July 2008 – 20th August 2008.

The Studio of Young Artists Association – counting 375 members – celebrates it’s 50th anniversary in 2008. That occasion deserves an original and huge celebration: a fifty day long exhibition series with more than 80 artists collaborating. The exhibition series that marks this special occasion features the works of the members in fifty one-day displays, which are like the Gallery by Night – an annual project of the Studio Gallery since 1991 – will reveal the variety of art represented by the members of the Studio. This exhibition is free from any kind of curatorial concept, the members have complete liberty and competence to show anything from their oeuvre or projects on which they are working at the present time. The series offers an unparalelled chance for the professional scene as well to learn more about the members’ activity, the current issues and trends in contemporary art. The public will be able to see some previous and new works especially created for this occasion. Projects, screenings, performances, paintings, sculptures, installations, videos, light shows, presentations and other kinds of contemporary art works will be represented to show the artistic variety and the interest of the members. The aim of the exhibition series entitled ’50’ is also to embed itself into the summer cultural programme network of Budapest, and to compete with the cultural role of the garden-squat pubs in the Budapest-night. The Studio might be as well the starting point of the contemporary cultural night life. Concerts, artist meetings and some other surprises are waiting for people who know the association and for those who will discover this artistic community present in Budapest for fifty years.

Not only a statement of account and a regard turned to the past, this celebration offers also a way to look at the future projects of the association and its members. The exhibition series will start on the 2nd of July with an opening with all the members of the association (a special concert, party) and during 50 days, a lot of interesting exhibitions and surprises are expected.

Exhibiting artists and artist groups:

András A. Király, Balázs Antal, Tamás Blaha, Sándor Bodó N., Mátyás Boros, Lilla Borsos-Lőrinc, Nóra Bozsogi, Árpád Bucsi, István Csákány, László Csáki, Marianne Csáky, Szilárd Cseke, Gabriella Csoszó, Márta Czene, Barna Éltes, Roland Farkas, Levente Fazekas, Andreas Fogarasi, Richárd Garami, Gábor Gerhes, Barbara Guttman, László Győrffy, Enikő Hangay, László Hatházi, Péter Hecker, Zoltán Hermann, Nándor Hevesi, Dániel Horváth, Kaos Camping, Diána Keller, Lilla Khoór, András Király, Attila Kondor, Rita Koralevics, Eszter Korcsmár, Alida Kovács, Tamás Kovács Budha, Gergő László, Anna Lénárd, Zsigmond Lucza, Gergely Madarász, Meander Group, Hajnal Miklós, Éva Molnár Ágnes, Borbála Nagy Judit, Otília Nagy, István Ocztos, György Orbán, Tamás Oszvald, Zoltán Ötvös, Rebeka Pál Zsuzsanna, Katalin Pásti, Hunor Pető, Péter Puklus, Márta Rácz, Szabolcs Ráskai, Szilvia Reischl, Bori Rutkai, Anita Sárosi, Katarina Sevic, Ákos Siegmund, Miklós Surányi, Ákos Szabó, Eszter Szabó, Association of Mouth and Brain Painting Artists of the World, Zsófia Szemző, Ágnes Szépfalvi, Katalin Szép, Gábor Csongor Szigeti, Kornél Szilágyi, Gergő Szinyova, Beatrix Szörényi, Eszter Szüts, Szilvia Takács, Gábor Andor Tooth, Péter István Varga, Nicolas Vass, Csaba Vándor, Krisztián Vollmuth

About the Studio of Young Artists Association

The SYAA is the professional organisation of young Hungarian artists. It has been functioning for more decades always giving dynamic responses to current art and social issues. The Association has 375 members – artists, art historians, and critics – who are renewed each year.

The objective of the Association is to facilitate the career starting and the work of its members in the cultural and art life. We foster the creation of professional contacts, our members’ presence in Hungarian and international exhibitions and artist colonies, and we provide them with informational and organizational support. On the other hand, the association helps Hungarian and foreign curators and artists get to know the young Hungarian art scene and build collaborations. The SYAA maintains relationships with Hungarian and foreign art organisations from Buenos Aires to Helsinki. The fundamental aim of our international projects is to initiate a dialogue and expand the possibilities of co-operation among the members of the international art world and the young generation of Hungarian artists.

The permanent exhibition space of SYAA is the Studio Gallery. This place provides opportunity for newer and newer generations of Association members and other artists or artist groups involved to organise group and solo exhibitions. The Gallery is open for one-night events and workshops as well. In addition, each year we organise large-scale, thematic exhibitions in collaboration with other institutions, thus we can ensure our members’ presence at representative exhibition sites and continuous co-operation with bigger institutions.