Klára Herczeg, sculptor, winner of the Munkácsy prize, was born in Budapest, on 13 October 1906. She spent her childhood in Vienna. She started her art studies in Vienna, following which she attended the Budapest Fine Arts College from 1924-1928, where Zsigmond Kisfaludy Stróbl was her master. From 1929-30 she lived in Berlin, where, among other things, she made small sculptures for the Rosenthal porcelain works to make her living. Between 1930-33 she trained herself beside Charles Despiau in Paris. From 1925 she was present at inland and international exhibitions with her works. She participated in the 1937 Paris Expo and the 1938 New York Expo. About thirty of her sculptures can be seen in public places in Budapest and throughout the country. Apart from Hungarian museums, her works can be found abroad as well (i.e. in the Nuremberg Dürer-Haus).


About the prize for young artists (junior grade): In her will, the sculptor, who deceased on 6 August 1997, made the Young Artists Foundation a beneficiary of the inheritance, with the purpose of supporting career-starting artists. The Advisory Board of the Foundation decided to establish a prize named after the testator, to be granted each year to the artist selected by the Advisory Board.

About the prize for elderly artists (senior grade): Klára Herczeg always considered the advance of the young and the older generations towards each other very important. For this reason, the trustee of the heritage (Dr. Ildikó Szűts) has decided to leave the honour of managing the senior grade of the Klára Herczeg prize to the Studio of Young Artists Association (an organisation representing career-starting artists).


2018: senior grade: Mária Berhidi, junior grade: Klára Rudas
2017: senior grade: Pinczehelyi Sándor, junior grade: Ember Sári
2016: senior grade: Maurer Dóra, junior grade: Gosztola Kitti
2015: senior grade: Kemény György, junior grade: Trapp Dominika
2014: senior grade: Ladik Katalin, junior grade: Szemző Zsófia
2013: senior grade: Bodóczky István, junior grade: Kerezsi Nemere
2012: senior grade: Baksa-Soós János, junior grade: Csákány István
2011: senior grade: Szirtes András, junior grade: Hatházi László András
2010: senior grade: Medve András, junior grade: Horváth Tibor
2009: senior grade: feLugossy László, junior grade: Szörényi Beatrix
2008: senior grade: Körösényi Tamás, junior grade: SZAF (Mécs Miklós és Fischer Judit)
2007: senoir grade: St. Auby Tamás, junior grade: Gróf Ferenc (Societé Realiste)
2006: senoir grade: Szikora Tamás, junior grade: Tibor Zsolt
2005: senoir grade: Türk Péter, junior grade: Lóránt Anikó
2004: senoir grade: Lantos Ferenc, junior grade: Galbovy Attila / Péli Barna
2003: senoir grade: Deim Pál, junior grade: Szász György
2002: senoir grade: Major János, junior grade: Kokesch Ádám
2001: senoir grade: Kaján Tibor, junior grade: Benczúr Emese
2000: senoir grade: Gyarmathy Tihamér, junior grade: Király András
1999: senoir grade: Lossonczy Tamás, junior grade: Schneemeier Andrea
1998: senoir grade: Papp Oszkár, junior grade: Wächter Dénes


Studio Prize

The Studio Prize is the professional prize of the Studio of Young Artists’ Association, which is given to those members of the Association since 2000, who –judged by a yearly selected independent and professional jury – have shown an exceptionally prominent accomplishment, and who intensely form the Hungarian artistic scene by their international success, and by taking part in joined or individual exhibitions.


2009: Orbán György, Surányi Miklós, Szabó Péter
2008: Csáki László, Esterházy Marcell
2007: Csákány István, Kokesch Ádám, Németh Hajnal
2006: Khoór Lilla-Will Potter, Rácz Márta
2005: Katarina Sevic, László Gergely
2004: Andreas Fogarasi, Huszár Andrea, Uglár Csaba
2003: Kaszás Tamás
2002: Fodor János-Horváth Tibor, Schneemeier Andrea
2001: Koronczi Endre, KissPál Szabolcs
2000: Gyenis Tibor, Szacsva y Pál