1×1 billboard

Common project of Personal Press Project and the Studio of Young Artists’ Association:


“Theoretical” description, short introduction of the situation from an aesthetic perspective

Giant posters form a relatively new stratum of the urban civilisation’s visual side. They have become part of the city dweller’s everyday life, their realm of experiences. They continuously alter the cityscape; they constitute an unvaried topic of conversation from passer-by’s to aestheticians.
The 1×1 Billboard – Giant Posters Otherwise project makes it possible for the various non-finance-based artistic approaches of the phenomenon of “the picture” to reach the public regularly in quarterly periods, instead of the finance-based context of the present giant poster market. Since the members of the Studio of Young Artists Association are career-starting artists, who – resulting from their position in society, react more sensitively than the average to sociological problems and conflicts involving minorities – create works of art that are able to influence the attitude of the wide public in an ethical as well as aesthetic sense. (Here we have to mention that this “intervention” would not be one without precedent – and now we could list the artistic actions in the field of commercial advertisement, but we have no means to do it here -, however, in case of the “Giant Posters – Otherwise” project a constant opportunity is provided for the unique to present itself to the public.)


In 1997 PPP turned to the Studio of Young Artists Association with the appeal that they cooperate in the realisation of the above project and provide the required institutional background. Following mutual consent, the representative of PPP appealed to the City Protection and Development Committee and the Cultural Committee of the Budapest City Council with the request that they provide a site out of the public spaces of the capital that is relatively busy and already contains a real commercial giant poster. (By this we wished to manage that they put the site at our disposal without a leasing fee, since the project’s purpose is non-commercial.) After obtaining the support of the City Protection and Development Committee and the VII. District Council’s Cultural Committee and the construction permit, the execution was done by a private enterprise at short notice and with considerably favourable conditions – almost as a sponsoring service.
Following this, PPP and the Studio of Young Artists Association invited applications for a public competition through a circular for young artists. We convened an independent panel of experts to judge the submitted plans and ideas, where PPP and the Association were both represented by one member. The giant posters of the winners were each presented to the public for a three-month period.

With the support of the National Cultural Program Fund and other companies, 1×1 Billbboard and the first poster, the giant poster of the Personal Press Project were unveiled on 15 May 1998. The poster was followed by further two, until the first quarter of 1999: the works of Kriszta Nagy and Szabolcs KissPál.
Since January 2000, we have been inviting applications for the members of the Association every year, for quarterly periods. The submitted applications are still decided about by an independent panel of experts.

Further information: Bakos Gábor: gbakos@c3.hu