TRY TO FLY – art project of Aurore Aulong (FR)

Thursday, 28 June 2012, 7.00 PM., Stúdió Gallery

TRY TO FLY is an art project based on a research of movements in a situation we are all familiar with.

I’m alone in a room, trying to concentrate and there is a fly, producing a loud and persistent noise. It might be very small but its  presence fills up the whole room. And it is trapped. The sound is in  my head, I start to predict when the fly will take a turn, when it will land or hit the window again.

Can a thousand flies become a philharmonic orchestra?

Could we fly attached to them? Can they teach us dance movements?

Can a fly become a pet, a human’s best friend?

From these questions I raised a bunch of flies to record their sound and create a track with a musician out of it. I observed their movements, built up a choreography with a dancer and imagined a sculptural object to connect them to the human body.

Aurore Aulong (FR) had graduated at the Bordeaux’s Fine Arts school in the Intermedia department, several projects lead her to travel across Europe for exhibitions or residencies. She first came to Hungary in 2007 and started to work with the Zero Balett Company in L1. This experience opened her practice of video and photography to dance and performance. She fell in love with Budapest and came back several times for different projects. Sometimes exhibitions like in the Reaktor Gallery, Labor or Fogashaz, sometimes performances shown in Mu Szinhaz, Gödör and Merlin Szinhaz or video/film screened in Toldi mozi or at the EDIT Festival.