Studio Forum

Statutory meeting and performance-night

23 November 2007, 7 pm

Initiation of and the SYAA

The Studio of Young Artists’ Association has always been more than manager and representative. We strive to publicize questions and problems that concern the whole profession through some programs. The main goal of is to support programs that are able to induce structural changes in the Hungarian contemporary art scene.

The SYAA and creates a forum that activates the craft –that defines itself as progressive – through joint projects and by forming the public. We believe that Hungarian contemporary art can only make its not enough strong position better – inland and abroad – if the profession is ready to collaborate in synchronized strategies and action plans.

We organize a performative event in the Studio Forum’s statutory meeting, aside from announcing future joint projects, which gives a mutual platform for the different-aged artists and art-professionals to publicly communicate and make statements. The performers can use their each 5 minutes by their own interpretation to give an insight of what their work is about or to comment the event’s raising.

We hope that the performances, screenings, art-displays, artistic and curatorial concepts’ presentation will boost professional self-awareness and can be the models of self-representation.

After the performances (approximately 7-9 pm), there will be a discussion about the Studio Forum’s aim. Food, drinks, music.

Sándor Bartha – Róza El-Hassan – Bálint Havas – Hints – Tamás Kovács Budha – Tamás Komoróczy – Endre Koronczi – Csaba Nemes – Rudolf Pacsika – Lehel Endre Paksi – Edit Sasvári – Alexander Schikowski – János Sugár – Ágnes Szabics – SZAF – Ágnes Szépfalvi – Kornél Szilágyi – Csaba Vándor – Tibor Várnagy – Gyula Várnai