Scott Massey nyitott műterem

Scott Massey az FKSE vendégművésze 2014 május 1 és június 12 között.

Június 10-én a rezidenciaprogram alatt elkészült munkáit mutatja be.



Scott leírása az eseményről:

Scott Massey presents new work and material from his 6 weeks in residence at FKSE.

During his time at FKSE he has been thinking about his interest in magic using an online/offline relationship between objects and information as a site for the work. He has developed this to explore the relationship between magic and technology and how language functions within this.

In line with other work he has used the idea of dumbness as a methodology. At FKSE he has collected stories examining performative language, designed a poster speculating on the role of technology in the end of the world and produced a wall drawing appropriated from Wikipedia amongst other things.

Whilst they have been on the Outpost – FKSE Exchange residency Andi Schmied and Scott Massey have been contributing to a blog. It can be found here:

More on Massey’s work can be found here: