Roundtable discussion about culture-financing


The goal of the discussion was for the individuals and organizations that engage in contemporary art, to name mutual demands and suggestions in the course of a public debate for the modernization of the current structure. We discussed the reforming of the culture-financing by the following aspects:

  • Creating a financing concept, that deals with the whole artistic institution system in a transparent, logical and predictable way, from the education of the artists to upcoming exhibitions and projects.
  • Synchronizing the operational- and program-financing (re-examination of the rate of support of organizations and groups that struggle with deficit, but have prestigious references and programs and exhibitions that are wasteful, but can’t produce quality).
  • Distribution of the all-time available resources based on qualitative and not quantitative aspects (instead of dividing by social and political reasons)
  • Creating a purely professional-based advisory board, with which the Ministry collates in advance before any significant regulation
  • Inspiring the private sphere’s sponsor activities with tax preferences, that can be put in the place of the state sphere, which gradually files out of supporting of the culture (see also: film law)


DATE: 20. September 2006, 6 pm PLACE: SYAA