Pavla Sceranková and Jan Vasilko Slovak artists’ presentation

23th September 2010, Thursday from 6pm

6pm – Pavla Sceranková’s presentation

7pm – Jan Vasilko’s presentation

While the presentations are performed, Pavla Sceranková’s artwork – that he made during the Budapest residency program – can be seen in his studio.

The presentation is held in English.

Pavla Sceranková (1980) is a Slovakian artist, who has been living and working in Prague since 2000. She graduated from the Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts as an intermedia major, now partiticpating the university’s doctorate training. In 2009, she went to Quebec with the support of the Pépinières  fund,  between 2006 and 2007, she studied in Tony Cragg’s class in the UDK in Berlin with the DAAD scholarship. In 2009, she received the Václav Chad Prize, in 2007, she was nominated for the J. Chalupecky Prize. She studies perception and remembrance in her works.  The sculptures, installations and sculptures combined with video, so-called videoscupltures are based on past observations, impressions and personal memories, which appear as a former sight’s imprints.

Jan Vasilko (1979) lives and works in Kosice. She graduated from Kosice’s University of Technology ‘s Art department. In 2009, she won the International Strabag Prize’s Grand Prize, in 2005, he was given the Oskar Cepan Prize and nominated for the Jindrich Chalupecky Prize. Vasilko’s humorously utopistic paintings can be connected to the Russian avantgard and Dadaism on several points. Joined with Peter Kralik, they founded the format, called The Iron Party, which deals with wider social and political questions and topics.

Pavla Sceranková and Jan Vasilko each stayed in Budapest for a 3-month period, supported by the International Visegrád Fund’s residency program. In their presentation, they will talk about their former works, the achievements of the residency up until now, and the Slovakian and Czech artist scene.