Grzegorz Drozd Polish artist’s presentation

Grzegorz Drozd participates in the 3-month-long residency program in Budapest supported by the International Visegrád Fund. In his june 11th presentation, he’s going to talk about his artwork, the polish art scene, and the parts of his Encyclopedia project – that were made in Budapest – will be shown in his studio.



“Maybe, absence is not really a bad starting point. Inexhaustible, thus – in this sense – truly romantic, opening endless perspectives through its fragmentations. What’s fragmented, it’s unfinished as well, and this unfinished-ness gives the chance of development. It is as if Drod’s works move between the lines of the lyrical and banal space of questions. If we allow, that absence is freedom, then institutionalism, academism, or civilization can be marked as the point of reference, by which our questions are determined. These lines face us with the task’s languorous nature. Do we hit walls then, or possibilities?” (Gera Molnár)


9 pm – Nicoicmus concert and party