Camilla Englund finnish artist’s presentation

Camilla Englund is a Finnish artist, who graduated from the Nykarleby Swedish Politech Artist program in 2008. With the support of a scholarship, she attended practical studies in Slovakia and Rome, and she was a guest-student in Ljubljana’s Fine Arts Academy. Her works mainly consist of drawing and location specific installations. Camilla Englund gives new life to worn-out objects and marks those that were accidentally left behind after active use, such as a paintdrop on the floor, a crack, or the loss of daub on the wall. The tiny creatures that appear after various alterations are by coincidence, that’s why, though these figures extremely differ from each other, they all carry the artist’s playful fantasy world on themselves. Camilla Englund says, her work resembles a puzzle, which is based on piecing together and matching different shapes.

Camilla Englund participates in the SYAA’s residency program from September, 2009. Her introductory presentation will be held on 27th October 2009, where the artist will talk about her artwork, her artistic practice, and the contemporary Finnish art scene.