The Studio is run by two employees (project coordinator and executive assistant) and 11 unpaid board members, who are selected by the members for three years. Artists and art professionals under age of 35 can apply for membership and the association’s board decides on the new members yearly. When a member reaches the age of 35, the board can renew their membership as a senior member.



Eszter KOZMA (president)

(1989, Miskolc)

Curator. I graduated in 2012 at the Hungarian University of Fine Art, Contemporary art theory and curatorial studies. In 2012 I’ve finished the Design and Art Theory BA at the Moholy-Nagy University. Next to SYAA I’m working in the OFF-Biennale​’s​ curatorial board. My main curatorial projects were ​- in coproduction – ​the Outer Space and the Ain’t Free.


Flóra GADÓ (vice-president)

(1989, Budapest)

I graduated in 2015 at the Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Humanities, receiving an MA in Art Theory. Currently I am a PhD student at the Film-, Media – and Cultural Theory Department at the same university. My research topic is the field of artistic re-enactments as a critical strategy of dealing with the past in contemporary art. Beside this I am a freelance curator and art critic.

Board Members:




(1986, Szeged)

Sociologist, artist.


Tamás DON

(1991, Budapest)

Curator.MKE-Art theory (BA), MKE-Contemporary art theory and curatorial studies (MA). Special Focus: Hungarian instututional system of art form the view of the young entrant artist, social and political issues in a contemporary art, hungarian contemporary paiting.



(1985, Budapest)

Visual artist. I graduated in 2013 at the Univeristy of Pécs, Faculty of Arts receiving an MFA in Sculpture. Previously I studied Art History and Philosophy at PPKE – Faculty of Humanities. Recently in my works I’m using mostly prints and photos and create installations out of them. I’m organizing our film club with Tamás Don in partnership with Prizma cinematic journal.



(1986, Budapest)

Art historian, curator ELTE – Faculty of Humanities, Art History MA Special focus: The international representation of the Hungarian graphics and drawing in the 1970’s. Works at VILTIN Gallery (Budapest), as well as publishes art critiques and reviews.


Bence György PÁLINKÁS

(1988, Budapest)

I am a student at the Doctoral School of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, a co-editor of the radio show SKICC at Radio Tilos and the coordinator of the project room in the SYAA. Currently I working on a documentary theater piece about invasive alien species.



Zsuzsanna SIMON

(1988, Budapest )

I graduated from the Faculty of Intermedia at the Hungarian Univeristy of Fine Arts in 2015. Special focus: feminism, gender and activism.


Hajnalka TULISZ



Anna BARNAFÖLDI (proxy board-member)

(1987, Budapest )

I graduated from the Faculty of Intermedia at the Hungarian Univeristy of Fine Arts in 2015, . Special focus: representation and relationship of Art and Science; Sciencetific experiment like attraction/performance/art/ and roles of education. Currently I work at Center of Scientific Wonders.


Virág BOGYÓ (temporary board-member)




Dominika TRAPP (temporary board-member)

(1988, Budapest)

HUFA, painting department In the recent years, the focus of my work was on the relationship between individuals and global/local trends and the competency of the artist in the same context (Dazed and Orthorexic, “And indeed the tragedy of our age is fully present in it”). I’m the co-founder of Csakoda group. Currently, we work on the Catalyst-project. In 2016, I won the Herczeg Klára-prize and the Derkovits scholarship.


Board of supervision:

Judit Csatlós
Tamás Juhász
György Orbán



Bea ISTVÁNKÓ (project coordinator)

(1987, Budapest)

Art historian, curator. ELTE-BTK – Liberal Arts (art history) (BA), MKE-Art theory (BA), MKE-Contemporary art theory and curatorial studies (MA). Special Focus: Hungarian and international instututional system of art, museum politics and museum studies, project mangement in contemporary art. LinkedIn

 Doc ggl

András BOGNÁR (financial coordinator)


Financial specialist, MsC degree in economics. Worked as a financial project coordinator for numerous for-profit and non-profit organizations (eg.: Hungarian Academy of Sciences).


Office hours:

Tu, Thu, Fri, Sat: 2-6pm
Wed: 4-8pm


The board is meeting each Wednesday from 18pm to 20pm, at Rottenbiller street. The meetings are open for the members.