Events & Exhibitions

Unkila&Alastalo: CENSOR ME, PLEASE

7.9. – 23.9.2016


Aino Unkila and Marko Alastalo are working on Still-project, in which they make site-specific video and photo performances in abandoned or vacant buildings in different European cities. The performances explore disused urban places and the social and local history embedded in them. Concepts arising from the process include fragility, transience, cycles and forgetting.

Unkila&Alastalo will build an exhibition in all the cities in which they have made performances during the project. Each of the exhibitions will have a unique theme that is related to the exhibition city.

From political point of view, Hungary is an interesting juxtaposition point of  conflicting political ideologies. This inspired Unkila&Alastalo to explore power in different levels – personal, political, in-between, intertwined – for their forthcoming exhibition in Budapest, titled CENSOR ME, PLEASE.

The project and exhibition is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Finnish Cultural Foundation, and Niilo Helander Foundation.


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