National Superior Art School of Paris-Cergy
BFA with Honors of the Jury
Paris-Cergy, France, June – 2014


Sewing, Dressmaking
Paris, France, June – 2014

Printing and Engraving on textiles and fabrics
Paris, France, June – 2013

Fashion design
Paris, France, June – 2010


Le voyage immobile
With Federico Nicolao, Olivier Kervern
Lisbonne, Portugal, Novembre – 2013

Filming and photographing dance
With Marikel Lahana, Anna Malagrida
National School of Fine Arts des Rocailles, Biarritz, France, September – 2013



Esther Ferrer
MAC/VAL, Vitry-sur-Seine, France, Mars– 2014

Federico Nicolao, Jean-Luc Nancy, Jean-Christophe Bailly, Boyan Manchev
ENSAPC, Cergy, France, March – 2013

Boris Achour, Jean-Max Colard
CNEAI Chatou, France, Janvier – 2013


Myriam Gourfink, Judith Perron, Jeff Guess
La gaîté Lyrique, Paris, France, December – 2012

Claude Rutault, Christophe Cuzin, Véronique Joumard
ENSAPC, Cergy, France, November – 2012



GlogauAIR Project Space, Berlin, Germany, December – 2014

Paloma, Budapest, Hungary, November – 2014
Hello your name is / Cur. Mesi Mucsi

Institut Für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, Germany, October – 2014
Doubles / Cur. Colleen Keihm

Studio Galéria, Budapest, Hungary, October – 2014
A Mi Holokausztunk / Cur. Zsuzsi Flohr

Museum of Modern Art, Yerevan, Armenia, August – 2014
"Urban matters - Past and present rethought" / Cur. Susanna Gyulamiryan

Dorothy's Gallery, Paris, France, Juin – 2014
"Portrait" (In the frame of MINIMENTA 2014)

Galerie YGREC, Paris, France, April – 2014
"DESSINS MILLE FEUILLETS IV" / Cur. Catherine Lobstein and Emeline Vincent


Le grand Parquet, Paris, France, October – 2013
(In the frame of the Nuit Blanche 2013)

ESA des Rocailles, Biarritz, France, September – 2013
(In the frame of the Dance Festival of Biarritz)
"Le temps d’aimer la danse" / Cur. Marikel Lahana, Anna Malagrida

Goethe-Institut, Marseille, France, September – 2013
"Crossed Roads"

Le Carreau, Cergy, France, June – 2013
"Tours et détours"

Design Terminal, Budapest, Hungary, April – 2013
"Personal History" / Cur. Kata Oltai

Galerie YGREC, Paris, France, April – 2013
"DESSINS MILLE FEUILLETS III" / Cur. Catherine Lobstein and Sophie Lapalu


Mű-terem Gallery, Debrecen, Hungary, November – 2012
"Photography Experiments" / Cur. Kukla Krisztinán

Ph21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, October – 2012
"Wrong ways"

art fair • biennal • festival


Nyitva! Fesztivál / [re:prezent]
Studio FFS, Budapest, Hungary, October – 2014

Fotó Utca Fesztivál
Gallery Random for Contemporary Art, Budapest, Hungary, October – 2014

Artmarket Budapest with Gallery Nessim
Budapest, Hungary, October – 2014

2nd Vienna Photobook Festival
Anzenberger Gallery
Vienne, Austria, June – 2014

59th Salon de Montrouge / Montrouge Art Fair
Le Beffroi, Montrouge, France, April – 2014
Cur. Stéphane Corréard

Chalon tout Court V.
Chalon-sur-Saône, France, March – 2014


Festival LIFT VIII.
Müszi, Budapest, Hungary, October – 2013

International Video Art Festival
Varna City Art Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria, August – 2013

Saint-Sulpice Art Fair
Saint-Sulpice, Paris, France, June – 2013

International Biennial for Contemporary Art
Budapest Art Expo FRISS 2013
Művészet Malom, Szentendre, Hungary, April – 2013


I spent my first five years in this house that my grandfather built
(Gray Box Projects, realized in collaboration with Sally O'Neill)
Museum of Modern Art, Yerevan, Armenia, August – 2014

Greetings from Yerevan and Could you show me...?
(Gray Box Projects, realized in collaboration with Sally O'Neill)
Urban interventions in Yerevan, Armenia, August – 2014

Subjective Yerevan
(Gray Box Projects, realized in collaboration with Sally O'Neill)
Museum of Modern Art, Yerevan, Armenia, August – 2014
Performers: Shushan Aslanyan, Luska Davtyan, Aelita Gevorgyan,
Marina Marukyan, Vika Matveeva, Saten Vardanyan, Vika Vardazaryan

Atlas and Trajectories
(In the frame of the 59th Salon de Montrouge / Montrouge Art Fair )
Le Beffroi, Montrouge, France, April – 2014

Dancing those images
Centre Reuilly, Paris, France, December – 2013

Information Posters (Public/Private)
(In the frame of the proposition of Liam Gillick for the Nuit Blanche 2013)
Canal Saint-Martin, Paris, France, October – 2013

curated project

(In the frame of MINIMENTA 2014)
Dorothy's Gallery, Paris, France, Juin – 2014

(In the frame of the project “Plug in”)
Château de La Roche Guillon, La Roche Guillon, France, April – 2013

collective projects

Gray Box Projects
Together with Sally O'Neill
From April – 2014

Together with Judit Gellér
Hungary - France, From April – 2014

Love is mute, only poetry makes it speak
Together with Odonchimeg Davaadorj, Dohyeon Eom, Fanny Gadan, Benjamin Geffroy,
Maya Gering, Margot Hefez, Xiaojiang Lin, Mélaine Loison, Ayuko Nishida
ENSAPC, Cergy, France, January – 2014

Love Birds
Together with Vincent Ballard, Charlotte Bayer,
Cecile Mai Delhomme, Dohyeon Eom, Clement Jandard, Boris Kurdi,
Hélène Mourrier, Jeanne Penjan
ENSAPC, Cergy, France, December – 2013

The sketchbook project 2013
Brooklyn Art Library, New York, US, March – 2013


Discovery Award
Festival Chalon Tout Court V.
Chalon sur Saône, France, March – 2014


The Fitting Project
Berlin, Germany, October, November, December – 2014

Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory (A.C.S.L.)
Art Commune AIR Program / In-LAB Platform
Yerevan, Armenia, July – 2014


Eltűnt épületek nyomában - Interjú Ádám Annával és O’Neill Sally-vel
(In search of disappeared buildings - Interview with Anna Ádám et Sally O'Neill)
Le Monde Diplomatique, Hungary, Pál Ligeti, 2014-08

Mapping Memories in Yerevan
The Mirror-Spectator, Volume LXXXV, NO. 3, Issue 4346, 2014-08-02

Sally O'Neill - Anna Ádám "Mapping Memories" Art Project in Yerevan
Armenian Trends, Georges Festa, 2014-07-16

Mapping Memories in Yerevan
Imyerevan, 2014-07-15

Mapping Memories Art Project in Yerevan
Massis Weekly, Volume 34, NO. 26 (1676), 2014-07-12

Mapping Memories
Armeniska riksförbundet i Sverige, July-2014

Mapping Memories Art Project In Yerevan
Armenian News Network/Groong, Mihran Keheyian, 2014-07-08

Mapping Memories in Yerevan
Armenian Community Council of the United Kingdom, 2014-07-06

Mapping Memories art project in Yerevan
Massispost, 2014-07-05

Salon de Montrouge
Artpress, Anaël Pigeat, n° 413

Ádám Anna a Salon de Montrouge-on
Polikróm folyóirat, Hungary, Pál Ligeti, 2014-05-25
Ádám Anna és az 59. Salon de Montrouge
Lighthouse, Hungary, Péter Balogh, 2014-05-24

Ádám Anna az 59. Salon de Montrouge-on
Le Monde Diplomatique, Hungary, Judit Morva, 2014-05-21

L’artiste hongroise Anna Ádám expose au Salon de Montrouge
Hu-lala, France, Corentin Léotard, 2014-05-16

Magyar résztvevő a Montrouge-i Szalonon
ArtPortal, Hungary, Júlia Cserba, 2014-05-01

Le 59e Salon de Montrouge: roulez jeunesse !
La République de l'Art, France, Patrick Scemama, 2014-04-30

Premières pages, d/m/c n° 492, 2009
Editions des Cendres
Paris, France, September – 2013


Exhibition catalogue
Berlin, Germany, December – 2014

White Memory
Catalog of the 59th Montrouge Art Fair, Mathilde Villeneuve
Montrouge, France, April – 2014


FKSE (Studio of Young Artists)
Budapest, Hungary, From Nobember – 2014

Random for Contemporary Art
Budapest, Hungary, From September – 2014

FFS (Young Photographers’ Studio)
Budapest, Hungary, From April – 2014

Arte Creative

Gray Box Projects


teaching experience • class • workshop

University of Dance Performance and Choreography
Yerevan, Armenia, July – 2014
Four-weeks workshop for eight dancers-performers

Dancing those images
Centre Reuilly, Paris, France, December – 2013
One-day workshop for ten people

art critic • interview

"HELLO YOUR NAME IS" kiállítás - Interjú Schuller Judit Flórával
Le Monde Diplomatique, Hungary, 2014-11

„A mi Holokausztunk” Interjú Flohr Zsuzsival
Le Monde Diplomatique, Hungary, 2014-10

Art Market Budapest (X.9-12.): Interjú Surányi Mihállyal (Nessim galéria)
Le Monde Diplomatique, Hungary, 2014-10

research work

Agitations, From October 2014
Summary: Performable, transformable, manipulatable and activatable, but above all wearable, the subject of this theoretical and artistic research is the performative and choreographical potential of the garment, the influences and possible interactions between the black box, white cube, and catwalk.


Once upon a time..., 2013

The snow, 2014

The fall, 2012

The mirror, 2014

As if..., 2013