Youtube lessons

The Studio Forum’s upcoming event:
YouTube lessons
22 February 2008, 7 pm

YouTube, as the mutual knowledge-archive serves as the starting point of the evening. How does the visual knowledge-transmission and exchange work, when everyone can share their amateur, artistic and documental videos through online archives, which can appear in different contexts either by coincidence or by alighting on? We would like to put this new way of gaining knowledge in the center of a social media event, thus to materialize a slice of the virtual online community in real space and time.

The participating lecturers – who entered a former appeal – will show short YouTube videos and comment them.

Selection of Balázs Beöthy, Eike, Marcell Esterházy, Fenyvesi Áron, Halasi Dóra, Imre Keszthelyi, Szabolcs KissPál, Endre Koronczi, Krisztián Kristóf , Langmár Péter, Mészáros Márta, Orbán György, Pál Zsuzsanna Rebeka, Papp Réka Kinga, János Sugár, Eszter Ágnes Szabó, Pál Szacsvay et al