Sympathy protest for LABOR

Sympathy demonstration for LABOR
At 11 am till the evening on the 27th of June, 2008 (6. Képíró street, Budapest)
Show your sympathy for the case of the LABOR with your presence!

By the decision of the 5th district Commune, on the 30th November 2008 – the former Studio Gallery (since 1994), which goes by the name of LABOR since 2007 and operated together by C3 and the Cultural and Communications Center Fund, the Studio of Young Artists’ Association and the Hungarian Fine Arts University- must move out of its 6. Képíró street-space.

Between 1994 and 2007 the Studio Gallery (operating in number 6, Képíró street), since the 80’s, has had a determining significance in the Hungarian contemporary art scene, where the youngest artist generations always had the chance to exhibit individually. Those artists, who are kept count of as part of the elite – most of them have international careers by now – had their first exhibition in the Képíró street- Studio Gallery. Today, the gallery space is part of the Hungarian art history, and holds important cultural values.

LABOR, which was the result of a collaboration of three institutions tries to keep that tradition going, which transformed Képíró street into a cultural center, as a result of the program, that displayed young, progressive artists’ works. Since then, other galleries opened on the street. LABOR stands out of the line, because three institutes –that determine contemporary art life – guarantee the professional level of programs and took upon themselves to finance and organize.

The Commune and the habitants of the city center should both be proud of the existence of the Gallery!

Because of the decision, which was countersigned by Antal Rogán, mayor, this important point of the cultural map of Budapest might disappear. A non-profit exhibition space, which gives a place for young artists, might get abolished, to be replaced in the future by a business that is willing to pay for more rent! If you don’t agree, come to LABOR at 11 o’clock on the 27th of June to Képíró street, and show that you are not neutral towards the gallery’s fate! Your presence is the key to get the word to the decision-makers!

Make yourself heard in order to avoid decisions that affect contemporary art and cannot be responsed!

Press conference: 11 am in LABOR (6. Képíró str)

Short speeches about the gallery’s past, present and future:

Barnabás Bencsik, director of Ludwig Museum (former head of the Studio Gallery)
Zsolt Petrányi, managing director of Műcsarnok
Frigyes Kőnig, rector of Hungarian Fine Arts University
Miklós Peternák, director of C3 Cultural and Communications Fund
Edit Molnár,  director of CIC (Contemporary Image Collective), former head of the Studio Gallery
Balázs Beöthy, artist
János Sugár, artist
Márta Rácz, vice president of Studio of Young Artists’s

After the press conference, a documentation of the Képíró street gallery’s exhibitions can be seen. During the day, music and screenings await the supporters!