Gray Box: Air is in the Love

6pm. 26th February, 2017.

1 sms
1 cocktail
5 dates
450 garments

Merging fashion and performance, the Gray Box collective has been dealing with the topic of “love” in a personal a political perspective for almost three years. Our new performance, “Air is in the Love” is based on five rendez-vous, and is about dating, matchmaking, and choosing the ”One”. Everyone is welcome, especially singles! :)


The number of participants is limited (maximum 12 person / performance) and requires registration.
Register and chose from the available timelines here:

Concept: Gray Box
Performance: Almási Szabina, Ausztrics Andi, Ádám Anna, Bakonyi Zsuzsa, Major Matyi, Mogyorós Anna Luca, Molnár Gyuri
Music: Bartók Mária, Cserne Kata, Földvári Róbert