Johan Sandas // presentation and performance

Johan Sandas ( is currently the resident artist at the Studio of Young Artists’ Association.

Johan Sandas’ presentation and performance can be seen and heard on 10 October, 2013, at 6PM. He will also present a new piece of work in the framework of Gallery by Night on 17 October.



I work with sound, video and installation to explore physical and social spaces. I build simple instruments from waste material and found objects, and try to make them immediately accessible to the audience, so that any interested viewer can figure out what is happening and what is causing the sound. I like to create sound installations where the viewers and listeners can interact with the instruments themselves and become part of the work.

I also use recordings of my sound works in videos and sometimes animations, and this is the area I’m hoping to be able to develop during my stay in Budapest. How many sound elements do I need to use in a soundtrack to make it work? How few frames per second can I use and still produce something that looks like animation? Is there a simpler way to do it? What if I just film the objects and move them around with my hands?

My latest interest, after a recent collaborative residency in Iceland, is live scoring of video and performance, using instruments I’ve built and routines for playing live that I’ve developed over the last few years to create live sound for an event as it is happening.