Zsolt Asztalos: In it

Opening: 06/02/2008 18:00
Opening speech: Bálint Szombathy

On view till: 23/02/2008 Tuesday to Friday 16:00-20:00, Saturdays 12:00-16:00

I have 3 types of art groups at my individual exhibition in the Studio Gallery: circuits, microscopes and chips. All these three come from the same basic idea. I display objects that smuggle the icons of emotions and spiritual souls into the technocratic-consumer’s tools of our days. The instruments and the shapes that are hidden in them are direct opposites of each other. The reason for this contrast is not sarcastic, it’s rather spiritual.


A fine, lyric pattern outlines indirectly in the computational components. Father with daughter, lovers kissing, mythical deer or a christian symbol: the sheep with glory appear in the organic shapes of the circuits.


The second group consists of microscopic-sized drawings that are hidden in different materials such as water, textile etc. Jesus says the following: If you lift a stone, I’m underneath, if you hew a tree, I’m in it. This thought is represented in the mythical drawings, hidden in the water drops and textiles, that are invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen through a microscope.


In the third group, I display chips that form mournful faces. Chips are the most typical icons of our consumer society, and sadness is the feeling that stands the furthest from the mass production’s propaganda.

/Zsolt Asztalos/