The Social Engine- Exploring Flexibility

Art and research project sponsored by Bipolar, the German-Hungarian Cultural Encounters Fund

ACC Gallery Weimar and Studio of Young Artists Association (Fiatal Képzőművészek Stúdiója Egyesület) have initiated a joint art and research project in the scope of Bipolar, the German-Hungarian Cultural Encounters Fund. Its goal is to explore the general ideas about flexible work in German and Hungarian society. The project employs the methods of sociology and work psychology in an art framework, involving researchers of social scientific background.

Following in the footsteps of the foregoing works of Hungarian artist Miklós Erhardt and the German EINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT artist group, the project raises further issues. Namely, how it is feasible for contemporary art to represent various economic processes and how it can prove educational with regard to various social processes.

The project’s background is the comparison of social and economic changes in post-transition Hungary and post-reunification Germany. Focusing on the social role of the changing and ever more flexible concept of work, the project endeavours to grasp the dynamics of flexibility generated by insecurity and of insecurity generated by flexibility. The project examines the economic and social role of work and the impact of these on individual identities.

The Social Engine will be first presented at Studio Gallery, Budapest, from 25 May until 23 June 2007. In Germany, the exhibition will be on show between 8 June and 12 August 2007 at ACC Gallery, Weimar.
Catalogue launch: 28 September 2007, Studio Gallery, Budapest

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Sponsors: Bipolar / Kulturstiftung des Bundes, National Cultural Fund, Ministry of Education and Culture