Exhibiting artists:

Borsos Lőrinc
Horváth Csaba Árpád
Molnár Judit Lilla
Nemmivoltunk Crew

Curated by: Ferenc Margl & Vanda Sárai
Opening speech: Zoltán Lakner, political analyst
Opening: 18.00, 18th November, 2014
Location: Studio Gallery, 1077 Budapest, Rottenbiller utca 35.
On view until 5th December, 2014
Following the opening, a party will be held at the Studio with the DJ sets of Mike Nylons and Miller Fate.

„The social complexity in society is reduced to a set of simple contrasts.”
/Thomas Hylland Eriksen/

PROTEKT reflects on the many parallel narratives of deeply fragmented Hungarian society, which never seem to cross in an intersection. These incompatible ways of thinking, interpretations and misconceptions are constituted by the fields of party-political commitments, quasi-ideologies and personality cults.

The focus of the exhibition is the manifold phenomenon of protection: what are the things we should preserve, what we should transfer, or rather what are those we should promote to be forgotten before long. What historical moments deserve a monument, what poems should we recite on national holidays, what artworks shall be presented in our museums. Who are the examples that should be followed and who are those who we evoke only as deterrent? When posing the questions of who/what, from what and how should be protected, the possibly given answers provide clean-cut images of enemy construction and concrete suggestions how these issues could be solved. These answers function as the cohesive forces of different groups of society, and they constitute the masses out of the separated individuals. At the same time these cohesive forces also determine who and on what purpose would be excluded from a given community.

Connecting to the word ‘protection’, our goal is to point out the absurdity of the lack of the ability for starting a dialogue in our society, and to do so, we exhibit artworks related to the topics of education, collective memory, cultural politics and everyday life highly burdened with ideology.