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Opening : 7 Febrary 2006

On view till: 24 February 2006

SYA organises a three-week portfolio exhibition in the Studio Gallery between 7 and 24 February 2006. The idea of the exhibition was a reflection on the situation that only a small proportion of the 350 SYA members can display their works in the Gallery or in the annual exhibitions organised by the Studio. It is a recurring issue of both private and public conversations how those artists are selected who exhibit regularly and what kind of research determines the list of the participating artists in an actual exhibition. Another approach to this issue raises the question what reserved resources the young Hungarian art scene has that could refresh this field with the production of works of international significance.

Our aim was to give a comprehensive picture of the SYA artists’ current activity and professional interests. With this exhibition we would like to give opportunity to all the members to report on their activity and get informed about the work of other members. In addition, we would like to create an occasion for curators and gallerists – as a contribution to the realisation of their own research and projects – to learn about and study the work of young artists in an effective way. Last but not least, this exhibition allows the interested audience to get an overview on the professional orientations and commitments of a generation. We intend to display the portfolios, the corresponding video and multimedia works as well as the slide documentation of past Studio projects as integral parts of the installation. It creates an intriguing experience, and at the same time, an access to every piece of work.
In the gallery the visitors will find tea, coffee and suitable circumstances for researching and browsing. We consider this project a survey, whose result (with the member’s consent) will be displayed on our website thus refreshing our on-line database. The exhibition is accompanied by a portfolio consultation held on 18th February, when, according to a set schedule, the members can present their work to invited curators and gallerists.

31 January 2005 Budapest

Zsolt Keserue and MiklósVass