Peter Szabo: Part I. (what I hate the most in art)

Opening: 2nd February 2007 Friday 19 h

On view: 3-24 February 2007 Tuesday to Friday 4 PM – 8 PM, Saturdays 12 PM – 4 PM.

Curator: Gábor Kerekes

In my exhibition, everyone can declare their opinion based on their beliefs and knowledge in the following issues:

What disturbs you in terms of current art and the surrounding institutions, industry and financing system? What would you change and what suggestions do you have to support the change?

The platform, that is established in the Studio Gallery between the 2nd and 24th of February 2007, provides the collecting, summarizing and making public of the opinions and suggestions.

There are three ways of expressing your opinion: public writing, anonym sound recording and speech, recorded on film.
All three options are self-service, thus our standpoints can be recorded without ceremonies and asking for help.

This exhibition is also an attempt to self-criticize, where the artist(s) gain a chance to recognize the place and value in the community of their profession and work

Péter Szabó

Born in 1978 in Marosvásárhely, lives and works in Budapest


2006: REZONANCIA, Ludwig Múzeum, Budapest PERIFERIC 7, Iasi, Románia
2005: PRODUCER: FUZZOMAT, több helyszín, Dinamo, Budapest
MOTION PARADE, Fotogallery Wien, Bécs
FÉMBŐR, Gallery by Night, Stúdió Galéria, Budapest
2003: MOSZKVA TÉR, nemzetközi public-art kiállítás, Budapest
2002: POSITIONEN: In focus Romenien, Museumquartier, Bécs TRACK, New Gallery, Bukarest
2001: TAB, Sindan Finn Kulturális Központ, Tranzit Ház, Atas Galéria, Kolozsvár
2000: SITE SPECIFIC WORKS, Magyar Kulturális Központ, Bukarest
70 ÓRA, Vizeg Group és Honey&Honey akció és environment, Protokoll Stúdió, Kolozsvár

Projektek: EUROPA, IDEA, art+society című lapnak készült project, Kolozsvár
IN ACTION, SPARWASSER HQ (Berlin) szervezésében, Trafó, Budapest

CD-k: CONTINENTAL DRIFT, Eastern & Middle European Movements in 2003.
Peripheral Conserve label (ph-14), 2004.
Alergische Platze: excerpt from 3000 seconds

Ovekk_Finn: Milk and Bread
UHcdr01s_07, kiadta az Ultrahang Alapítvány, Budapest, 2006.

Ovekk_Finn: Double 1
kiadta az IDEA, art+society képzőművészeti lap, 2006/24 Kolozsvár, Románia, 2006.