Our Holocaust

Our Holocaust

Opening: 08.10.2014. 7PM
Opened by: Anna Szász, sociologist

Exhibiting artists:
Anna Ádám
Bernadett Alpern
Lőrinc Borsos
Krisztina Erdei
Dániel Halász
Árpád Csaba Horváth
Gábor Klima
Klára Rudas
Eszter Sipos
Zsófia Szemző
Hajnalka Tulisz

Curated by: Zsuzsi Flohr
Assistant curator: Júlia Gottfried

On view until: 14.11.2014.

The third generation after the Holocaust

The Studio of Young Artists (FKSE, http://studio.c3.hu/), the József Attila Circle (JAK, http://www.jozsefattilakor.hu/) and the Marom Association (http://marom.hu/) have established the common platform entitled The Third Generation in late 2013. The platform encompasses a series of workshops, lectures, discussions, and the current exhibition.

The central theme of the exhibition is the role of the third generation after the Holocaust (here represented by emerging artists under 35) in the memory work necessitated by trauma.
Those of us who were children around the regime changes of 1989 have a completely different perception of the Holocaust as a chain of events compared to the first generation of survivors and the second generation born after 1945.
Our Holocaust-memory is based on thirdhand knowledge; a mosaic of our grandparents’ recollections and various images and media representations. We are 70 years after both the trauma and its immediate memory.
We find it important to examine how contemporary art can reflect on this cross-generational trauma.
The aim of our project is to create works that help understand and process these issues.
We hope to equally represent a wide spectrum of memory work, including societal, political, personal and familial.

The exhibition will show works reflecting on the themes mentioned above and those that the workshops of The Third Generation have dealt with over the past few months.

The exhibition’s partners: JAK, Marom, Memento 70.

* Amir Gutfreund: Ha­soa selanu (2000)