ordash – exhibition of the Randomroutines

Opening: 16th July 2010, at 7pm
On view till
: 4th September 2010
The Randomroutines usually experiments with different narrative forms, which are getting their final shape strained through different mediums. This time a drawing series can be seen at the Studio Gallery, which is made of reinforced steel. Regarding its material and its character the work relates to childhood experiences of the artists.

The starting point was the metal mural works of the pseudo-socialistic era. These works, with their false optimistic scenes, decorated firewalls of  buildings. Beside this, the artists were also inspired by the well known home made objects of that era, like flower-racks, window grids, and fence ornaments. These reinforcing steel objects were typical examples of the creative function diversion in the lack economy.

The aim is to approach from the remaining effects of memory fractions from blissful childhood. The images are scenes of a fabulous story. The narrative relation between the drawings is one of the typical characteristics of the Randomroutines’ work method. It  supports the creation of each image, which also can be interpreted as an autonomous work. The drawings are about the ambivalent personal relation to the nature. Besides the idyllic imaginations about the taintless nature, at the same time there is a vision of a frightening unknown space. For the Randomroutines it means a possibility to get free from the social control.

Besides the giant metal drawings, other graphics and sketches can be seen at the Studio Gallery.