NIGHTSHOT Exhibition of Csaba Vándor

Opening : 7 september 2006.

On view: 23 September 2006

Exhibition of Csaba Vándor

The idea of the exhibition emerged from a late childhood experience when I noticed that the invisible infra red light -that makes a remote control a remote control- turned out to be visible on the viewfinder of a video camera accidentally.
The infra red light is really not visible to the naked eye but most of today’s digital cameras -used by tourists- are sensitive to this wavelength.
All objects on this exhibition have been made on the basis of this experience.

Electronic billboard
The visitors could spot an electronic billboard in the shop window (working non-stop) but all they saw on it was a red flashing light. Those who followed my instructions had a digital camera or a mobile phone and could read the messages on its viewfinder.
My initial message was ‘This advertising surface can be rented.’ The visitors could fill in a form and had a max. 100 character-long message on the ‘almost invisible’ billboard.
With this billboard I am offering an alternative to the overwhelming advertisements that you can find everywhere you go. Also I would like to highlight that the world is not just what you can see. We are constantly surrounded by rays conveying messages in most cases.

Not Sudarium
At the far end of the room there was an old wooden box with a white canvas stretched inside in semidarkness just like in a sanctuary.
A small video camera was watching the canvas. The camera was connected with a TV standing in the right hand corner. On the TV screen we could see not just a plain white canvas but a face with a moustache -my own face- in negative. If somebody was standing between the camera and the canvas they could see themselves of course on the screen.
The camera could substitute for or rather fill the visitor’s gap of not being able to see the infra red light.
Furthermore it absolved me from the charge of excluding the viewers which would have been rightful in the case of the billboard.
Do we really need modern technology to get to know the world?
I don’t think so.

Supporters: National Cultural Fund, HUNGART, Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Committee of the General Assembly of Budapest

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