An exhibition by Árpád Bucsi, Attila Galbovy and Barna Péli

The image of the game is a snapshot of the phase of the final touch after a ticy look-back and decision-making hereafter, still before the stage of Tourette. Wrathful and dead-relaxed bodies with snag problems, intuitive dreams sneaking in like mocassins, mingling with ones really lived through. Bruins gathered together for a strategy-talk after the big journey, with polyurethane not-getting-the-thing. With high on experience bruins as veteran surveyors paste around and make agreements. The idea of kick-off pops up, through both hand up in the air!

(translation: Szilvi Német)

Opening reception: 11 February 2013, 7PM
Opened by: György Szász, sculptor

Open until: 2 March 2013