Katalin Soós: Flash, brush, chips

Opening: 3rd May 2007, Thursday 7 PM
On view: 19th May 2007, Tuesday to Friday 4 PM – 8 PM, Saturdays 12 PM – 4PM.

Curator: Gábor Kerekes

Katalin Soós artist’s now opening exhibit calls for an unusual, exemplarily anachronistic, exciting inner journey. She redefines her surroundings’ banal, common, everyday objects, and the digital picture and video catalogues of built spaces by putting it back to the narrative of the traditional oil paintings.
The artistic canon, interpreted as traditional, hiding in its shell, looks at the loudly obscure outside world, while it can display the bewildering nuances of the world surrounding us.
As a matter of fact, she finds tiny connections, inner rhymes of the patterns of the visual surroundings’ elements that are “consumed” in a fastfood restaurant-style, as she reinvents them in the slow and specially traditional method of painting.
Her exhibition is completed by video drafts, the “Laundromat” videowork and the “I undertake flooring” video’s stills. Her big-sized paintings’ titles that are hanged on the level of a dog or a knee-crawling child belong with the web of the exhibited works as well.