Implausible Works: AUGMENTED FICTION

augmented reality-based interactive installation


June 13-24 2017

Opening night: June 13 2017 Tue 7 p.m.
Guided tour with the artists: June 21 2017 Wed 7 p.m.

Implausible Works has lately been involved with the opportunities for interaction in the medium of augmented reality. Augmented Fiction examines how this technology overwrites our established concepts about image generating and displaying processes. How does it transform passive reception into creative experience?

augmented fiction_fekvő

In the telematic and cyberspace, where our eyesight, hearing, sense of touch, and sounding mechanisms are activated by our receptors, we can go beyond the limits of our own body. There we can encounter visual systems developed beyond the horizon of our reality and explore the crossings between the virtual and the physical world. Augmented Reality provides a technology that makes it possible for us to build and display parallel planes of reality.

These days virtual information storage makes it easy to develop and modify audio-visual content, which we can display on our portable digital devices anywhere and anytime. With the help of the insubstantial and ever-changing information data and lines of code, we are now allowed to reshape a static material reality. The media theoretician Peter Weibel says that the future of the image is not intentional but accidental. Free access, arbitrariness, and the variables of the coordinate system of space and time and viewers carry an endless potentiality of combinations in the field of reality representations and filmmaking that is based on intelligent imaging.

Walking around the markers of Implausible Works’ interactive installation, visitors can create an experimental sci-fi film, consisting of subjective and abstract elements, on the screens of their smart phones.


Music: Ádám Márton HORVÁTH

Special thanks to: Péter LICHTER

Curator: Andrea KOVÁCS

Cooperation partner: Let it Be! art agency
Supported by: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts

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