hommage á FORSCH BOTOND – Forschungsgruppe_f in the r/e/mig(r)áció project.

Opening: 28 June 2006

On view : 8 July 2006

Last program: TABULA RASA, 4 pm 8 July, Studio Gallery

The research group was founded by students, artists and lectures of the University of Art and Design Zurich in spring 2000. Meanwhile, it has become a project-based cooperation with different researchers, artists and universities. It consists of a project-based interdisciplinary study group working on questions of self-organising performance, urbanism, picture organisation and the basis of interaction between motor and sensory functions.
The study group examines the forms of reception and perceptions in terms of action research (happy science) by situational intervention and action. We are working on the problem of the constitution of visualised realities and how conditions of production and receptions are organised. Existing operating systems are enhanced by interactive forms of action. States of self organisation are tested with experimental labs as kind of open research stations. Facts are created which are verified by facts, immediately changing conditions. There are no objective results; they would unnecessarily narrow the horizon of these research fields.
The activists of forschungsgruppe_f are rooted Stuttgart, Nürnberg, München, Zürich and Budapest.

r/e/mig(r)ation: action-research in Budapest, at three locations simultaneously.
The word “R/e/migration”, which the group have chosen as the title of its action research in Hungary, is the essence of the forschungsgruppe_f principles. The leitmotif of the Budapest project is the Danube, and the topic of “migration” was chosen as its comprehensive theme. All this happened so for various reasons. After the f_f actions and exhibitions in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria the Danube served as a natural compass for the choice of the new location. The migrant image of the river, passage as a fundamental experience, (“remigo” = latin for “to row in a boat”) promise a common orientation point and active experiences for the international and the new Hungarian members of the group.
The opening event of the Budapest functioning of forschungsgruppe_f takes place in the Gallery of the Young Artist’s Studio. At this occasion the visitors can view the memory exhibition of Botond Forsch. Botond Forsch was a performance artist of Transylvanian origin, who studied sculpture briefly in the Budapest Academy of Fine Art during the 2nd World War, than he first resettled to New York, then to Paris through Vienna. His name entered the history of art not only because he got into close contact with the most famous artists of this period, but also since he launched a new genre.
He performed his works mainly outdoors, in rivers and lakes, but his actions that he presented at home, in his bath tube are also known. In this homage exhibition the members of the group express their admiration for the great master’s memory by their own works made especially for this occasion. The number and the message of the displayed works is being enriched and formed continuously throughout the duration of the exhibition by the participants amendments and comments. The Studio Gallery also serves as a meeting point during the project.

The curator of the exhibition: Alexander Schikowski (alexschiko@web.de)

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