The exhibition is open: 29th May – 12th June 2015.

Opening: 29th May 2015 19:00

Opening speech by Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák

Venue: FKSE, Studio Gallery, 1077 Rottenbiller str. 35. Budapest


How do a graphic designer, two painters, a graphic designer turned painter, two curators, a conservator, a media designer and psychologist come together/connect in one exhibition space?

The works of Ambrus Balázs, Réka Harsányi, Gábor Hegedűs, Tamás Juhász, Patrícia Kaliczka, Emese Mucsi, Eszter Wolf, Kinga Papp and Vera Romhány are not linked by a similar creative technique or thematic connection, nor is their common exhibit conceptually strengthened by their age. The nexus of the variety of their works and activities is based on common fate.

The above mentioned artists and curators have all taken part in Eszter Wolf’s project, titled GROUP. In collaboration with Ambrus Balázs, clinical psychologist, Eszter developed a method which combines Joseph Beuys’ concept of social sculpture with Jacob L. Moreno’s psychodrama action method. The GROUP has functioned as a creative setting for participatory art, which profoundly changed the relationship to each other, each other’s activities as well as to the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, the location of their studies. For a long time the great studio of the Feszty house has become an intimate space where the conference of those working inside influenced the individual practices in ways untraceable in creative techniques or topics.

The members of GROUP have experienced the typical difficulty facing the practitioners of participatory art, namely in communicating the aesthetic, mental and spiritual experiences to those not-involved. This exhibit is a renewed experiment to seize and mediate the energy and dynamics of the (currently) nine-member community – the aesthetics of a working group. In the exhibition space you can see the works of the artists involved, and seemingly there is nothing common in them. This, of course, is not the only system of connections that could be set up. However, the participants would like to emphasize this one along with other arising aspects with the help of the programs organized in connection with the exhibit.

Therefore, the exhibition offers two types of recipient experiences: On the one hand it introduces the members of the GROUP through their works and thoughts, on the other hand as a participatory art project it encourages participation.


31th May 2015 (Saturday) 16:00-19:00

An experimental opening of a GROUP seminar to the public. The program looks at group creativity through the methods of psychodrama. The participants work with the group members throughout the afternoon/morning.

(maximum of 7-8 people, registration:

Program manager: Ambrus Balázs

2nd June 2015 17:00 (Tuesday)

Conversation as an experiment of sharing

Program manager: Eszter Wolf

4th June 2015 18:00 (Thursday)

Collective painting- “…one puts forth his energy, which is then reformed by others.”
Program manager: Patrícia Kaliczka

9th June 2015 18:00 (Tuesday)

Panel discussion about the accessibility of participatory art projects

Program manager: Emese Mucsi

11th June 2015 19:00 (Thursday)

Hedonia and bundles of the soul (film screening, common meal and digestion)

Program manager: Vera Romhány

Members: Ambrus Balázs, Eszter Wolf, Réka Harsányi, Gábor Hegedűs, Emese Mucsi, Kinga Papp, Vera Romhány, Tamás Juhász, Patrícia Kaliczka