Exhibition of the new senior members

Vernissage: 7th September 2010, at 7pm
On view till: 2nd  October 2010

Exhibiting artists: Zsolt Asztalos, Mihály Bucskó, Péter Császár, Ágnes Előd, Barbara Guttman, Nándor Hevesi, Gergely Kovách, Ádám Lendvai, Viktória Modor, Klára Orosz, Mónika Sziládi, Krisztián Viktorin

The Studio of Young Artists Association elects its honorary members every year. This way, the Studio’s members, who are 35 years old, and also presently take an active part in the field of fine art, become senior members. In the art field work the age 35 means a kind of milestone in many ways. The exhibition treats this fact as a turning point only in the aspect, that it presents not only the new works but the artist’s career also. The visitors can pass round the exhibition with the help of an audio guide, which – contrary to the museum’s situation – doesn’t give information about the artworks, but it informs about the artist’s professional past. This way – depending on the visitor’s choice – the exhibition can be seen as retrospective one, or as a group exhibition showing the artists’ present activities.