Venissage: 12th October 2010, at 7pm
On view till: 30th October 2010.

Exhibiting artists: Karolina Kowalska, Róza Janiszewska, Zorka Wollny, Jonathan O’Dwyer, Simon Liddiment, Tom Cox-Bisham

EASTgoesEast is a project that has been made possible with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union. This exhibition is part of a collaborated project, that had been developed from EASTinternational by Norwich University College of the Arts and Norfolk and Norwich Festival in collaboration with Bunkier Sztuki, Kraków, Trafó Gallery, Budapest, Studio of Young Artists Association, Budapest, and OUTPOST, Norwich.

The movement of the artists and curators between the three cities to engage in trans-European cooperation and dialogue is integral to the motivation of this project. As the first step, the organizers asked curators from Krakow and Budapest to make an exhibition featuring some artists –chosen by themselves – from the EAST09-program. The selected works were exhibited at Trafó Gallery in 2009, and at Bunkier Sztuki in the summer of 2010.

The curators from each city (Norwich, Krakow and Budapest) were also asked to select an artist to represent artist led activity within their creative community and work with them to select two more artists who would form a group. Each group represents some of the artistic movements and thinking taking place amongst their community at this time. The artists of each respective city play host to one another in this series of exhibitions.

In the first exhibition in Norwich Istvan Csakany, Krisztian Kristof, Beatrix Szorenyi, and three polish artists; Roza Janizewska, Karolina Kowalska and Zorka Wollny took part. In Krakow, beside the Hungarian artists, three other artists from Norwich; Tom Cox-Bisham, Simon Liddiment and Jonathan O’Dwyer exhibited. The last stop of the series is the exhibition in the Studio Gallery, Budapest, where the art pieces of the three polish and three English artists can be seen. Related to the exhibition, also Simon Liddiment’s billboard can be seen on the 1×1 Billboard on Lovolde Square.