Decision – group exhibition and workshop

Opening: 24 January 2006, 19h
On view till: 2 February 2006

Exhibiting artists: Kata Huszár, Miklós Mécs, Viktória Modor, Gergely Orbán, Márta Rácz, Ferenc Sebő, Henrietta Szira, and Beatrix Szörényi

The topic of the first exhibition and event-series of our evolving artist group is the process of individual and group decision. The visitors can learn about various strategies of decision-making at public programmes (lectures, talks, trainings), whose documentation and products are continuously added to the material of the exhibition.

The programme of the exhibition titled “Decision”

24 January, Tuesday 18:00 Opening: Open mic (?) session-freestyle

The live show is preceded by a brief outline of the development of freestyling, and the Budapest scene. In the following a DJ provides the invited MCs with background music. The MCs don’t prepare with pre-written texts, they improvise on the spot.

25 January, Wednesday
14:00-17:00 training exercises (corporate-, decision-psychology, and movement theatre trainings)
18:00 Film screenings
– instructional film (Central Statistical Office)
– a montage of film segments in the subject of decision

26 January, Thursday
14:00-17:00 trainings
18:00 A complementary discussion with invited artists who are experienced in this topic. Topic: Decision-making and indecision in artist groups

27 January, Friday
14:00-17:00 training
18:00 Chess, Art, Duchamp – lecture of dr. Frigyes Görgényi, Duchamp researcher

28 January, Saturday
18:00 Summary show of the week’s trainings
from 20:00 collective bullshit bingo and poker
We invite our visitors to have dinner with us.

from January 30 to February 4
The workshop continues, the displayed works are being reconsidered and reworked. Catering according to art diet.
The exhibition and the artists can be visited during the opening times.

Sponsors: National Cultural Fund, HUNGART, Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Committee of the General Assembly of Budapest