Beyond the red lines

Taking as a starting point the project for Cantemir Boulevard (in the past the Cosmonauts’ Boulevard) that was designed in the 70s of the last century and was based on the master plan proposed by the well-known Soviet architect Alexei Shchiusev after the Second World War, the exhibition presents the works of several artists from Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, and Sweden (participants in the KIOSK artist in residency program) who spent few weeks working in the context of Chisinau marked by continuous transformation processes.

curator: Vladimir US [MD]

participants: Valeria BARBAS [MD], Angela CANDU [MD], Gruppo Tökmag (András TABORI & Tamás BUDHA) [HU], Karl HALLBERG [SE], Marie LUKAČOVA and Jakub ROČEK [CZ], studioBASAR (Alex AXINTE, Cristi BORCAN, Tudor ELIAN, Maria OANCEA, Daniela PALIMARIU Andrei PRIPASU, Cristian STOIAN Ana-Maria TONI, Alexandra ȚĂRANU) [RO], Public Pedestal (Jana KAPELOVA and Michal MORAVĆIK) [SK]

An additional program accompanying the exhibition will be Vladimir’s
presentation at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts combined with
the screening of the film “Chisinau Civic Center – beyond the red
lines” (image by Ina IVANCEANU [AT] and Vahe BUDUMYAN [AM], edited by
Gaëlle MEGE [FR]) – February,19th, 6:00 PM. For those who would like
to meet Vladimir in person, there will be a possibility to do so in
the Studio on February, 19th, between 2 and 4 PM. To avoid possible
waiting please register writing the e-mail at this address: