Beach Party – Gabor Kerekes

Vernissage: 12th November 2010, at 6 pm. (Kalumet dj set)
On view till: 27th November 2010

Party, Puzzle, Airships

Gabor Kerekes’s summer- recalling exhibition in the Studio Gallery is the nearest approach to a global party, where the cream of the celebrities are partying and beaching with us in the Rottenbiller Street. And the repertoire is wider than we’d think; Hungarian celebrities – without demographic boundaries – are lionizing with the stars from Hollywood. So it won’t be surprising to see Magdi Rúzsa in the crowd who is listening to Gwyneth Paltrow’s make up tips.
Kerekes’s large-sized newspaper collages are able to situate everyone and everything and still they break up with the classical image structures. Thousands of press-clippings from magazines, applied on paperboard, then hung on walls show the ring-panorama of an imaginary, but still very realistic world.
Owing to their silhouette-like margins, the collages are able to create visual narratives either separately or together by moving them from one point to another. At the same time, we can get lost in the details of the partying mass, and the sunny palmtree islands, just like in Hieronymus Bosch’s surrealistic altar-pieces. The difference lies in the sacralism, which is alien for Kerekes’s works, just like it is alien for the British pop dare-devil Richard Hamilton.
And if our sight rises above the puzzle-horizon of the collage islands, following some scenes, then we can imagine what the view can be like from the perspective of the paper air-ships, which are flying up the walls.

Monika Zsikla