AVANTI – The new studio-members’ exhibition

Opening 1: 9th January 2007  19 h
Opening 2: 18th January 2007 19 h

Exhibiting Artists: Maria Arnell, Lilla Borsos-Lorinc, Arpad Bucsi, Marta Czene, Aniko Detkovics, Csaba Kis Roka, Eva Kozma, Hajnal Miklos, Katalin Pasti, Abel Peterfy, Bori Rutkai, Klara Petra Szabo, Gergo Szinyova, Andras Tabori, Peter Istvan Varga

Curator: Aron Fenyvesi

Between January the 9th and 27th the works of the new members of the Studio are inhabiting the space of the Studio Gallery. The aim of the Studio is to animate itself and it’s spaces with young artists and their works. The new members, who have just been admitted are meant to be responsible for the persistent change, vitality and re-definition of  the Studio. Avanti is a combination, rather than a segment of the 15 new members’ art, which constitutes itself like a tissue or a web. It’s a visual output, what only wants to make a big group picture of the things that Studio stands for at the very moment. The works which are built up from different technical basis, and their creators who have very different backgrounds, connect with each other, knot into each other, in the context of the Studio’s space.

Maria Arnell makes photo-series of women, which deal with the conceptualization of the female body, Lilla Borsos-Lorinc paints mixed media pictures with thrilling, rough contours which are basically figurative. Arpad Bucsi’s collages deal with the problems of pornographic representation, and in addition he works as a VJ, Csaba Kis Roka is distilling the erotic and scandalous motifs from kitsch and genre-painting in his pictures.

Klara Petra Szabo is constructing pop-icons from her micro-environment with her “figurative realist” watercolours, that are based on photos. Marta Czene is analyzing the classical pictorial di- and triptych form in her paintings, but besides this, she also makes photos and videos. Peter Istvan Varga, architect, is taking concrete samples during his public actions named urban-sampling, he also was involved in forschungsgruppe_f’s actions just as Andras Tabori. Their art can be described by a situationist attitude and direct public actions. Tabori is also interested in graffiti-art and typography. Katalin Pasti’s pieces are also using a lot of different media, from the exhibited documentation of her perfume-library to street actions. This year the only sculptor is Aniko Detkovics, who, beside her metaphysic brick-sculptures uses wood in her public-art works.

Eva Kozma is a video-artist who operates with very soft pictorial dimensions, and she is a recurring participant of her reflective sensitive* videos. Now she exhibiting one piece of her video-mailing, in which she reacted to other artists’ works. Abel Peterfy will exhibit his video-collection, his works are remixes of sub-cultural lifestyle, like young Roma children having DJ-battles in the Roma-parliament. He’s originally a painter, but his portfolio also includes robot-like objects, which carry famous people’s features under their helmets. Hajnal Miklos, and Gergo Szinyova are represented by paintings too. Gergo Szinyova often works together with the above mentioned Andras Tabori, using stencils for his street-art paintings. Now he exhibited a series of paper-ships with intensive colours. Hajnal Miklos often creates series of paintings, pine-trees, or life-sized portraits of people which dissolve into the pictorial background. Bori Rutkai is a well known figure in Hungary as a singer of the band Specko Jedno. She is also active as a painter, illustrator, she’s been up to animating filmstoo; in the Studio Gallery she exhibited figures made of textile.

The exhibition is open between 2007. January 9-27. From Tuesday to Monday between 16:00 and 20:00, on Saturdays between 12:00 and 16:00. Closed on Monday and Sunday.

Sponsors: National Cultural Fund, HUNGART, Cultural Committee of the Budapest General Assembly