The helsinki AIRBAKERS (Ninni Wager, Tuuli Toivola, Kika Wikman) artist-team was formed in 2010. For the first time in Hungary, they debut with an exhibition called “Preparing for the Post-apocalyptic times” in the Studio of Young Artists’ Association’s Gallery on Rottebiller street.

The formation endeavours to map out the deeper layers of human collaboration and friendship on the occasion of this somewhat sinister-called exhibition.

Among other things, on viewing the exhibited video-works, we can wonder about how certain collaborations’ success is not at all determined by verbality. Controlling the tied together drift-wood, and to reel the endless long strings on the streets of Helsinki and on snowy fields, the participants, who are far away from each other, can only coordinate by visceral intuitions. This type of instinctive, intuitive human behaviour is entirely similar to the human methods that are imagined after Apocalypse. All the while on the record player, instead of a vinyl, string-people twirl string-trees that are joined by their roots.

The AIRBAKERS, beyond the previously made artworks, present the visitors with a limited edition fanzine, issued for the exhibition, and a site-specific installation, custom-made from several kilometres of rope for the space of the Gallery.

Mónika Zsikla


Opening: 21 February 2012, 6pm

Location: Studio Gallery (35. Rottenbiller Str., Budapest 1077)
Open till: 10th March 2012