Alexandra Pellissier – DIOPTER FKSE – Astérides (Marseilles) exchange-program

Opening: 11 April 2006 19h

On view till : 29 April 2006

Alexandra Pellissier is working in Budapest in the framework of the exchange program of SYA and Astérides (Marseille)

Alexandra Pellissier creates sceneries, structures, and landscapes that span across different realms of reality and imagination. The starting point of her artistic work is the experimentation with the process of seeing. The resulting works often have literary, scientific or architectural references, though they reach autonomy by the means of spatial formalisation that aims to captivate and disorientate the viewer’s look.
DIOPTER is the term used in optics to define the surface that separates two media having different refractive index. The deviation occurs in a point of incidence belonging to this very surface.
The image, sculpture, and installation displayed in the Studio Gallery are thought of as different points of view on the same, fictive space: the volume in the exhibition space would work as a scenery detail of modified scale that was extracted from the video projected in the back room. The light signals in the video can be interpreted through the stucco-antennas, which ironically recall another, architectural scale. In this three-fold structure each work is connected by a common point of incidence thus gaining poetic dimension.


Supporters: National Cultural Fund, HUNGART, Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Committee of the General Assembly of Budapest