About the collection


About the Collection

The unique art collection belongs to the Studio and consists of more than 600 works produced by senior members of the Association. From the Sixties (until the Eighties), the former Hungarian Art Fund set aside a predetermined sum for the Studio to purchase works displayed at the annual exhibitions of the organization. The aim was to establish an itinerant collection which would always be available and which could be put on exhibit. Artworks purchased in the Sixties are no longer part of the collection. In the Seventies, due to the Association’s limited storage capacity, works by senior members were given to the Hungarian National Gallery. This is why the majority of the present collection consists of pieces from the Seventies and Eighties. Beginning in the Nighties, due to the organizational restructuring of the Studio (independently from the Hungarian Art Fund), the collection ceased to grow at the pace of previous decades. Nevertheless, thanks to private donations from Studio members, the collection contains works from the Nighties and from the beginning of the new millennium.

The collection is managed by the Studio of Young Artists’ Foundation (Fiatal Képzőművészek Stúdiója Alapítvány-FKSA), founded by the Studio of Young Artists’ Association (Fiatal Képzőművészek Stúdiója Egyesület – FKSE).


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FKSE provides an opportunity for institutions to borrow artworks from the collection, but only in cases in which the partner covers the costs of insurance, pays an administration fee (4.000 HUF/piece) and indicates the purpose for which the artwork will be used at least two months prior to the exhibition.

Contact person and more information: Mónika Zombori, FKSA board member (studioarchivum@gmail.com)
Loanings in recent years:

2011, Imre Gábor graphics

Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros

2013 Tamás Körösényi objects
Kunsthalle, Budapest

2014, Márton Barabás object
Balatonboglár Chapel Exhibition

2014, János Szirtes painting
Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, Pécs

2015, Ádám Farkas, szobor

Art Mill, Szentendre

2015, Géza Samu statue
Vigadó, Budapest

2016, Gábor Záborszky paintings
Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art

Kiállítások a gyűjteményből:
-2004 A FKSE (Fiatal Képzőművészek Stúdiója Egyesület) Alapítvány Archívum grafikai gyűjteményének bemutatója, MissionArt Galéria, Miskolc [link: http://www.missionart.hu/kiallitasok/A-FKSE-Fiatal-Kepzomuveszek-Studioja-Egyesulet-Alapitvany-Archivum-grafikai-gyujtemenyenek-bemutatoja/1252/]
-2004 Raktár vs Gyűjtemény, Stúdió Galéria, Budapest (KMKK: Sugár János, Süvecz Emese, Hegyi Dóra és El-Hassan Róza) [link: http://studio.c3.hu/arch/kmkk/]
-2007 Akkor és most – válogatás a Fiatal Képzőművészek Stúdiójának archívumából, Millenáris Piros-Fekete Galériája, Budapest (kurátorok: Július Gyula és Merhán Orsolya)
-2008 ARCHÍV – Válogatás a Fiatal Képzőművészek Stúdiója Gyűjteményéből, Stúdió Galéria, Budapest [link: http://studio.c3.hu/arch/archiv-valogatas-a-fiatal-kepzomuveszek-studioja-gyujtemenyebol-2/]