Xtro realm

November 7–30, 2017

Vernissage on November 7, Tuesday, at 6pm
Opening concert by Ádám Krasz


The xtro realm exhibition is a part of a series of events of the same name. It was preceded by three successful reading circles that were open to the public. Moderators introduced texts focusing on new philosophical approaches, which problematised human-centric world views and examined the opportunities of realities beyond human observation. The eleven exhibiting artists created the works presented at the exhibit, based on their reading circle experiences.

A rose barb swims in the plexiglass-pyramid behind the black curtain, disappearing from time to time into the depths of space’s ripped out slices. The notion that this is indeed a fish only surfaces when we spend immerse for minutes into the sight of the projection. If only for seconds, but did we believe that Adrienn Seemann’s work is indeed a fish and if we have trusted it to be a fish, what happens when the loop ends?

A fundamental epistemological question is: how can humans systematize the ecosystem, which they themselves depend upon? Which they are also a part of? Despite this conflict, scientific inquiry cannot be imagined without a dash of optimism. The belief that the world is comprehensible and quantifiable necessitates an external point of view, for instance the view of an orbiting satellite: the online consumer purchases an inflatable orb in virtual reality—there is nothing unusual in this desire for possession. In Rita Süveges’ paintings the inflatable Earth and Mars relates to the artistic representability of the universe’s entirety.

To possess the past, present, and the future: human perspective. Iván Rohonyi- Demkó’s simulation’s algorithm defines the present based on speculations of the future. If the present is based on calculations of the future, how can we partition temporality? Capabilities of man-made algorithms, programmes, robots extend beyond humans’ knowledge, any minute now they will be able to surpass the boundaries of the human species, passing beyond the finiteness of a human life. But we still view them as objects. Where is the boundary between human and robot, and how can we be sure that we are a part of the former—an arbitrarily created grouping. György Szimán’s videoclip asks these questions, amongst others, which definitely discourage our understanding of this boundary.

The boundaries of life, temporality’s human-centeredness, the ability to grasp nature, the indispensable romanticism of interpreting the world—the xtro realm exhibition aims to thematize questions, guided by speculative realism, object-oriented ontology, and ecological ideas that are conjoined in questioning the legitimacy of an antropocentric approach.

The exhibition xtro realm is open between the 8–30 November 2017.

Artists: Orsolya BARNA – Kitti GOSZTOLA – Bence György PÁLINKÁS, Gideon R. HORVÁTH, Botond KERESZTESI, Iván ROHONYI DEMKÓ, Adrienn SEEMANN, Rita SÜVEGES, György SZIMÁN, Kata TRANKER, Anna ZILAHI
Organizers: Gideon R. HORVÁTH, Anna ZILAHI, Miklós ZSÁMBOKI

The xtro realm reading circles have been organized in cooperation with the József Attila Circle.

The exhibition is sponsored by Edgite Hungary Kft.

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