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The Studio Gallery’s exhibition features three young Hungarian artists whose work intervenes in time, and thus in the manipulation of both personal and collective memories. Out of discarded yet extant images, archived private pictures and further remnants of the past, Zsuzsa Bakonyi, Gergely Barcza and Katalin Illés construct new, contemporary narratives. How do we use analog pictures from our childhood in the age of digital remembrance and identity? How can we appropriate unknown people’s private photographs from a time long lost? How do we consume the fossilized material culture of semi-public spaces, such as store windows? Answers at the Studio Gallery between March 7 and April 13, 2014.

Opening speech by Gábor Pfisztner.

*Bakonyi Zsuzsa
*Gergely Barcza
* Katalin Illés

*Adrienn Kácsor

* Eszter Kozma

OVERVIEW 2.0 is a program organized by the Studio of Young Photographers, which brings together young and talented photographers and curators at the beginning of their careers to collaborate in the making of exhibitions. Launched for the second time, OVERVIEW helps artists and curators gain professional experience, as well as inspires fruitful discussions on the genre of contemporary photography. Seven Budapest-based galleries participate in the program this year, hosting 7 exhibitions featuring 11 artists altogether. For more information please visit www.atlatas.hu
Opening: March 7, 2014, Friday, 7pm