The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people

Studio Gallery

Exhibition opening: 23rd April, 7pm

On view: until 22nd of May 2015

Featured artists:

Alžběta Bačíková (CZ), Josef Daněk & Blahoslav Rozbořil (CZ), Halász Károly (HU), Jana Kapelová (SK), P.O.L.E. (CZ/RU), Jiří Skála & Michal Cáb & Lukáš Hofmann & Ondřej Kopřiva & Tomáš Kajánek (CZ), Vákuum TV (HU)

Curated by: Tereza Stejskalová

Exhibition design by: Jan Pfeiffer


The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people

Useful things and useless people – both travel in a time spiral in which past, present and future reconnect in multiple ways. By useful things I mean technology. What, however, is the meaning of useless people? Artists today seem to play a variety of social roles that often contradict each other. They represent an ideal worker in today’s “creative” capitalism precisely because they approach technology creatively and are so invested in their projects they forget to set aside free time and get paid. However, like many others in society – the unemployed, the precarious, old people, unwelcome immigrants – they can also be quite useless. The artists in this exhibition focus on issues of technology, in particular the technology of mass media, in order both to criticize society and to reflect on the impossibility of conveying their critique to the masses, a consequence of their social and economic status. It remains unclear as to whether this impossibility is to be celebrated or simply accepted with resignation.